Friday, May 25, 2018
Instructors-Giáo Viên Head Instr Trung Le
Head Instructor: Trung Le

Instructor Trung Le is the founder and president of Tinh Luat Wushu-Kungfu.  He is a devoted Buddhist and developed a youth organization as a way to give back to the Vietnamese community. He started learning martial arts with his father at a young age. Later he studied Vo Binh Dinh at Buu Mon Temple.  To expand his skills as an adult, he started learning competitive Wushu and Tai Chi under Master Jason Jung and his father Maing Yul Jung.  And later on studied Wing Chun under sifu Charlie and his father Ramon Diaz. Most recently instructor Trung dedicated himself learning Binh Dinh kungfu at Thanh Long Mon, hoping to continue where he left off. He strive to maintain martial arts conditioning and learn new training ideas for his students.