Friday, May 25, 2018
2012 Legend of Kungfu Championship 07/27-07/28 Houston, TX

Taolu (Forms)
Youth Team: Adrew Dang, Alex Nguyen, Lauren Le, Quang Tran, John Miranda
Junior Team: Christian Le, William Le, Ann Tran
Adult Team: David Dang, Stanley Duong

Tai Chi
Brighton Hammer and Lan Huong Nguyen

Sanshu (Sparring)
Adult Team: Eduardo Padilla


2011 Legend of Kungfu Championship
07/30-07/31 Plano, TX

Taolu (Forms)
Youth Team: Adrew Dang, Alex Nguyen, Lauren Le
Junior Team: Tessa Thomas, Christian Le, Cathy Nguyen, William Le, Jonny Tran, Hieu Le, Huy Le, James Le
Adult Team: Dylan Clark, Christian Clark, Jennifer Duong, Michael Le, Eric Le, David Dang

Sanshu (Sparring)
Junior Team: Tessa Thomas
Adult Team: David Carpintero, Christian Clark, Jennifer Duong, Eric Le, David Dang

Coaches: Trung Le, David Carpintero, Jonathan Carpintero, Long Le

Congratulation to Tinh Luat Wushu Team! This is the first tournament since the school open. About 40 people went to the tournament including students, parents and staffs. The team took home 25 gold, 10 silver and 8 bronze, thats alot of medals for first time competition. We made our present known in Dallas and through out Texas.... 

Thank you to V Bristro Noodle & Grill, Marcus Dewayne Phoography and Mrs. Renata Luis for sponsoring our team.